How to Renew Your License

Water Wonderland Board of REALTORS® offers continuing education throughout the year to help fulfill your CE requirements and we can also direct you to the proper continuing education resources and assist you with renewing your Michigan Real Estate License. This page will also have direct links to LARA's website for more information on the license renewal process and renewing online.


Every three years by October 31st. Current Cycle is 2016-2018.


In each calendar year of each 3-year license cycle, a licensee shall complete at least 2 hours of legal continuing education of the required 18 hours of continuing education courses. And In completing the appropriate number of continuing education courses, a licensee may select education courses in his or her area of expertise, but AT LEAST 2 HOURS of the education in a calendar year MUST involve law, rules, and court cases regarding real estate.

Elective Hours: 12
Mandatory Legal Hours: 6
Total Hours for the 3 yr cycle: 18

No CE is required while license is inactive. License must be renewed and renewal fee must be paid. CE must be completed to return to active status. Licensee can remain inactive for 3 years after that the state exam must be re taken.


The Department will send paper renewal applications that contain information about renewing online and will also publish information on the website regarding how to renew online. Approximately 60 to 90 days before licenses expire, check the Department's website for updated information on renewal procedures. We encourage you to use the online renewal process. When you apply for renewal of your license on the Internet, and have met all the renewal requirements, the process will be quicker. Remember that all licenses and pocket cards are mailed to the broker's main office.

Dept of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)
Po Box 30018
Lansing, MI 48909
tel: (517)241-9288
fax: (517)373-3085

Click Here to go directly to the site for renewing online or for more questions.