How to File an Ethics Complaint


To file a complaint against a member, and to proceed with the process, please type an account of the chain of events that occurred prompting the complaint.  Include as many details, time frames and copies of documentation as possible. Please note that all information entered onto the form along with any attachments will be shared with the respondent, and if a citation is issued. I have also attached an article that was published that helps explain the process that we go through for an ethics complaint.

On the Ethics Complaint form, please indicate which Article(s) from the Code of Ethics you feel was broken.  (Upon review of the enclosed Code of Ethics you’ll notice “Standards of Practice”; these are meant only as examples to help interrupt the Code)

Prior to filing an ethics complaint against a member of the Water Wonderland Board of REALTORS®, please carefully review the following.

All Ethics complaints need to be filed within 180 days of the time that the alleged offense and facts relating to it could have been known by the complaint in the exercise of reasonable diligence. 

If there is civil litigation pending relating to the same transaction, the board legal counsel must review before we can proceed, if criminal litigation is pending we must hold the file until such time as it is concluded and all appellate remedies exhausted.

If found in violation, discipline can include a letter of reprimand, mandatory attendance at an educational class, a fine and/or suspension or expulsion from the board/MLS. (A cash award to the complaint cannot be awarded on an ethical complaint.)

You can either send your complaint and form E-1 via the mail to Water Wonderland Board of Realtors, 122 South Otsego Avenue, Gaylord, MI  49735 or email to  Upon receipt of your ethics complaint form, a Grievance/Citation Panel will be assigned to review the documents.  If it is in order, and taken verbatim would constitute a possible violation, and if it falls under a citable article, the respondent will be notified of the citation if applicable or if not applicable will be given a hearing date.  If this complaint does go to a hearing, you and any witness' to be called will need to be present during the actual hearing; either side may have an attorney present with prior notification required.  

Please feel free to contact the Board Office with any further questions 989/732-8226.

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